Brands are alive.
Brands are living breathing entities and need to adapt
to meet the challenges of today's marketplace.
Great websites centre around
the customers needs.
User focused design boosts sales and strengthens
customer and client relationships.
Attract the attention
your business deserves.
Marketing techniques have changed dramatically
over the past few years but the principle hasn't.
Hi. We're Studio 10. We love to help businesses attract the attention they deserve through design, strategy and great ideas.
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Studio 10 Design, The Pavilions, Bridge Hall Drive, Bury BL9 7NX
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Christine Bleakley
It was important to create a distinctive brand style which would help define Christine's online presence and reflect her unique personality, elegant, light, yet bold stylish and confident.

This web responsive site automatically adapts to suit desktop, tablet or mobile browsing. All designed to help maximise Christine's online presence.
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Whether you're a start up or the marketing manager of a large brand; we have the talent and know how to bring you the very best results at the very best price.
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Studio 10 Design Manchester

Studio 10 Design is a digital agency based in the Northwest, we provide all the essential marketing activity, such as brand creation, logo design, website development, digital strategies and software design to help business growth. Whether you have an established brand or about to embark on brand creation, we can help you reach your target audience with effective graphic design, which connects with your customers and clients.

So what makes us different from all the other creative agencies in the Northwest, who all declare their expertise, creative, website development ability and let's not forget innovative ideas! We combine creative ideas with commercial objectives, to deliver marketing material which aims to communicate with your target audience in order to enhance brand awareness and grow sales.

We're a small team, but have 20 years of creative marketing experience, from logo design to bespoke software. We help companies obtain the attention they desire, through compelling and effective marketing. We continually deliver high quality, which doesn't cost a fortune! We've produced an array of award winning graphic designs and campaigns, which don't come with an expensive price tag, meaning we won't bust your budget.

e-commerce website development

e-commerce website development is crucial to every online business. Logic, consistency, simplicity and of course creativity are the fundamental rules to e-commerce website development. We combine our talent and expertise with our innovative technical skills to deliver effective e-commerce websites. Our studio located in the Northwest, is a hub of activity, generating good quality work at very affordable prices.

Logo design

We specialise in designing logos, our graphic designers boast an abundance of experience both in logo creation and logo development. A Successful logo is all about creating an aesthetic that strikes the right note with a target audience. So our first step is ensuring we know all there is to know about your audience, only then do we start the logo creation or logo development. We pride ourselves in providing value for money, delivering quality creative logos without the expensive price tag. Studio 10 Design, is a creative digital agency which strives to exceed expectations. Although we are based in the Northwest our client portfolio spans the UK.

Web design

Websites are arguably the most important marketing tools for businesses. Sitting at the very core of a successful website is harmonising creative with a coherent message. Effective website development centres around good story telling, with engaging content balanced by well orchestrated graphics. We provide a complete website development service, which includes design, development and copywriting. Every website development project we've completed has stayed within budget, affordable website development with quality results - view our work section which demonstrates our ability.

Optimising websites

It is now crucial for b2c companies to optimise websites and adapt to mobile purchasing trends. As an experienced digital agency, we've proven talent with identifying the essential elements in optimising websites. Blending graphic design with the practicality of mobile devices whilst maintaining a consistent brand proposition across multiple platforms, is imperative to well executed optimised websites. As a digital creative agency at the forefront of website development, we ensure we're on top of website trends. At the very core of our own brand proposition is the ability to deliver effective website development without hefty investment, affordable quality creative design, with efficient optimised website production.

Brand Creation

Now, we excel with brand creation, it's an opportunity for our ctreatives to do what they do best - create brands. We normally begin with a brand proposition, understanding your target audience, recognising your business goal - then we begin the creative process. We not only produce creative designs, we get under the very skin of what the new brand stands for to enable the brand to connect and engage. It's not just about logo creation it's about the core message, image, aspirations and creative delivery. Take a look at some of the brands we've created, view some testimonials and you'll see we produce high quality work, reasonably priced - brand creation we love it!

Brand Proposition

As a leading Northwest creative agency we really do enjoy developing a brand proposition, it reaffirms the essence of a brand. We believe an effective brand proposition sits at the very core of a marketing strategy. A brand proposition provides a foundation for graphic designers to produce compelling creative designs, whilst remaining true to the brand identity. A brand proposition is the glue that holds together the brand message, creative design and marketing activity peeling apart the brand identity to produce compelling, consistent creative messages. The most successful brands have clear propositions, view some of our blogs, we'd be happy to send you an example of a brand proposition.

Brand Evolution

Perhaps the biggest challenge for established brands is the ability to recognise when a brand needs to evolve. Brand evolution is a critical stage in brand sustainability both in terms of logo development and adapting the brand proposition. Periodic brand evolution ensures a brand does not fade into obscurity. Brand evolution encompasses the current brand identity and future aspirations, current and future marketing trends. As a reputable Northwest digital marketing agency our creative marketing experience enables us to facilitate brand evolution, to deliver a compelling message executed with appropriate creative.

Social Media

Woven into the very fabric of today's marketing activity lies social media. An engaging communication tool, social media has revolutionised the opportunity to engage with customers and clients. The key to successful social media lies in knowing your target audience. Where can you find them online? What grabs their attention? How can you connect with them? Equally choosing the most appropriate social media tool is key to online engagement. Social media includes visual as well as written content, knowing which one to use comes from social media experience.

Social media has opened up new dialogue platforms, as a digital marketing agency we've learnt how to go far beyond the boundaries of website development. Although Studio 10 Design is a Northwest based digital agency our social media audience reaches the USA!

Digital Marketing

Against a backdrop of internet domination, digital now lies at the very centre of all marketing activity. For every business, strong digital marketing is essential in connecting with customers and clients alike. This includes any online activity, from emails to website development. As a digital marketing agency we ensure a unified approach is executed, in-line with business objectives. Harmonising creative with a compelling message in tune with the brand proposition is second nature to us. With some award winning campaigns, we relish the challenge of reaching beyond the norm. We enjoy trips from our Northwest graphic studio to London, especially to pick up an award!

Software Development

Our expertise clearly lies within creative graphics and website development, topped with strategic thinkers we're a formidable team. And yet we have another string to our bow, which is as equally strong as our creative talent and that's software development. Our software developer is a pioneering and highly reputable software developer. In his world anything is possible and everything achievable. Our software developer turns complex processes into simple solutions by utilising technology to producing bespoke software.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing remains an engaging tool. Once the bedrock of activity direct marketing, executed with innovation still has the potential to generate and drive sales activity. Our experience and indeed creative ideas coupled with determination to go beyond traditional direct marketing has enabled us to produce award winning campaigns. Our creative designers stretch beyond the realms of graphic design to exceed client expectations time and time again. From our Northwest graphic studio we've established global connections to deliver new LCD direct marketing material at affordable prices.

Marketing Strategies

At the forefront of digital marketing, a brand proposition, creative, logo design or website development, should lie a strategy. Many small businesses embark on digital marketing or website development without recognising the need for a strategy. Some companies confuse marketing activity with a marketing strategy. We help many companies align their business objectives with marketing activity to produce a clearly defined strategy, which may include digital marketing, brand proposition, brand evolution, website development or direct marketing but which derives from a unified message.


Creative advertising can be the crucial element to business growth for many companies. Whether it's print or digital the ability to produce creative graphic design with an engaging message requires talent beyond creativity. Creative advertising requires strategic thinking in order to deliver a strong creative graphic which appeals to your target audience. Our creative advertising campaigns often span over 12 months, delivery compelling high quality creative without the expensive price tag.


Effective printed marketing material is essential for many companies. The balance of harmonising graphics with a coherent and compelling message is a talent evident within our award winning campaigns. We deliver innovative printed marketing material, understanding print technology ensures we produce creative but affordable results. Our global connections allow us to utilise innovative tools which don't cost the earth.
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How do needs dictate the buying process?

How do needs dictate the buying process?

To achieve sustainable business growth companies need to engage with their target audience more effectively than ever before.  Understanding, their needs, wants, and their deeper desires which compel them to purchase.

Customers may think they need or want something, but sometimes they actually need or want something very different.  A Sales Director might spend hundreds of pounds to travel first class on a train, believing he needs the extra space to work, when really he wants the status of travelling first class.  








Successful customer engagement is driven by identifying and understanding company needs. Here are some different types of needs which drive a purchase decision.  Identifying these needs will determine the marketing and advertising direction.

  1. Immediate need.  These are short-term needs were immediate action is required. This type of customer will do very little research as speed is of the essence.  For example broken heating system during winter, a quick google search, and a phone call - the problem is solved.  Google ranking will therefore be important.  Advertisement may focus on fast efficient service.
  2. Long-term need.  Although these are real needs that must be responded to, immediate action is not required.  For example, house insurance is up for renewal next month.  This type of customer is more likely to do comparison research.  Price positioning and added value will therefore be important. Advertisement may highlight discounted rates for continuous renewals. 
  3. Perceived Needs.  These are needs we think we have but are not actual needs, ‘I need cosmetic surgery’.  This type of customer will be looking for expertise and assurance. Empathy and customer testimonials will therefore be important. Advertisement may be focused on quality and reputation, reference to improved esteem.
  4. Unrecognised Needs.  These are more desires rather than needs.  No one actually needs the latest ipad.  In this scenario it’s the product that has created the need.  Some individuals want the latest gadget to impress their peers.  It’s therefore important to emphasise innovation.  Advertisement may be focused on cutting edge technology, status and image.

Later we’ll discuss the things you should know about your target groups to stimulate engagement.

Now, I need a coffee - is that an immediate need or a perceived need!

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